Permanent Cosmetics is the practice of permanently applying pigment between the dermis and epidermis of the skin. Depending on the color of the pigment, sun exposure, overall health of the client will depend on the lastability of the colorant. Just because the colorant fades does not mean the pigment has dissipated in the skin. It is still there just not reflecting color due to fading. Therefore it is permanent. When selecting colors to be implanted, many factors need to be considered. The Fitzpatrick Level of the clients skin, their lifestyle and their desired end result. Not all clients are candidates for Permanent Make-up. With using the highest quality pigments and highest expertise  does not guarantee a time frame in which the color will last. The lighter the color the quicker the fade. Robin uses a combination of iron oxides, organics and synthetic organics to achieve the best results. It is up to the client to maintain their art to ensure a long lasting result. Touch up times will depend on the treatment of the skin and paid a lot of money for your cosmetics....treat them well with sunscreen, avoid acids and retinoids in the tattooed area. 

Pain..everyone much does it hurt.? Robin does work with a surgeon who provides her with the best topical pain control there is. Infraorbital block is administered by the surgeon for a pain free experience when doing the full lip color. Everyone's pain tolerance is different but in all reality, it's not that bad when coupled with good topicals and the micro needles...they do less damage to the skin and implant the pigment quickly.....less swelling and less pain.

Robin will work over other Cosmetic Artists' work if she feels she can fairly represent herself and her art. This is never a guarantee because of the possible pigment that was used. There are many Permanent Cosmetic Artists out there, choose wisely, just because the price is great, does not mean the work is great. Robin considers all new clients, just that, new....and her prices will reflect that. Once you are a loyal client of hers, fee's are minimal for touch ups in comparison. 

*Be on time for your appointment. Clients that are more than 15 minutes late can be rescheduled with a non-refundable fee added.

*No Shows, good luck getting an appointment with me again. My time is valuable and gals wait 6 weeks to see me and they could have been bumped up if you were kind enough to call. If I am not your priority then you are not mine.

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