Santa Rosa Cosmetics Ink is Sonoma County's platinum standard in Permanent Cosmetics. Master Artist Robin Pels, CPCP specializes in full lip color, eyeliner and three dimensional brows. Celebrities, Diplomats, Girly Girls and ladies that are just plain tired of struggling with their make-up have trusted Robin with their faces for nearly three decades. Robin's technique is different from any other artist. Working with Dr. Barry N. Silberg as her medical director, Robin has access to a more comfortable experience. Consultations are always free.

***Please be educated and informed. Microblading or the hand tool method of Permanent Cosmetics is NOT new. Most new permits are issued  with out proper training. Sonoma County does not require any amount of class time in order to obtain a permit. When interviewing your perspective artists, ask for all 3 permits to verify they are operating legally. Personal Permit/Location Permit/Blood Bourne Pathogens Current Cert. Marty Isom, Sonoma County Health Inspector would love to hear from you if they are non compliant. 

Everyone has to start somewhere but do you really want a tech that has had 2-4 days of training tattooing your face? I love fixing permanent make up that is sub par, but sadly I only can fix so much. Give me a call, quit crying and lets see what we can do to fix it...


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